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For your peace of mind and your property’s security, choose MP-K9 Security.


The presence of a Static Guard patrolling the premises is an effective method of protecting your property, staff and assets throughout the day and night. Our guards and patrols are all experienced, knowledgeable professionals with an eye for detail and passion for excellence. We pride ourselves on the level of professionalism and our custom-tailored approach that provides a comprehensive security solution to every single one of our clients. MP-K9 Security’s static guards are anything but static. We believe the proactive approach is the key to the effective security so our team members are constantly on the lookout for any signs of intrusion. Your security guards will conduct thorough and regular security patrols and provide full site coverage 24/7 to prevent intrusions, vandalism (including fire, flood and damage to your property), and accidents, as well as detect and deal with any potential offences in a speedy manner.


Dog Units are extremely effective visual deterrents and are an ideal solution for jobs and locations that may be too dangerous for regular security guards. MP-K9 Security provides experienced and fully SIA-licensed mobile K9 units for residential and commercial properties, as well as events. The primary role of a security dog team is to provide an overt presence that will deter any potential damage, vandalism or unauthorised access to your property. Having mobile dog units is equivalent to having a number of trained security personnel as they can cover larger areas and utilise their superior sight, scent and hearing senses to detect potential intruders. In turn, this ensures the safety of your premises, assets, visitors or staff. Our mobile dog units can seamlessly integrate into any environment and provide you with quality proactive or reactive services. Our K9 handlersare trained in line with the industry standards for operational dog handlers and possess the relevant industry qualifications. Thanks to our candidate selection process, our K9 units can operate in a broad spectrum of situations, including protection of vacant property, high profile and covert residential security, and specialist events.


MP-K9 also provides professional, reliable security for clients in the entertainment and leisure industry. Both our Mobile Patrols and Static Guards are experienced in handling a range of different situations, providing both proactive and responsive security services.

We put a special emphasis on the custom-tailored approach and we conduct thorough risk and threat assessment in advance. Our extensive in-house experience ensures we can recommend you the most effective combination of security services to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, property and assets.